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Virtual Reality

Children Embracing in Circle

Embark on an exhilarating VR adventure for

1 or 2 Week Sessions where your child will delve into the captivating realms of fun and learning!

Our program offers a dynamic array of topics including History, STEM, Space, Oceans, Dinosaurs, Transportation, and more.

Prepare for an enriching experience:

 40% VR Learning & 60% Hands On Activities. 

Exploration and Discovery in the fascinating world of virtual & reality!

Summer Camp Schedule

Education Content

F A Q ?


Will my kid have fun??

Is lunch included? 

Odyssey VR’s Summer Camps are education made fun! Our weekly educational summer camps bring an exciting new twist to your kids camp experience offering guided quality educational VR experiences and applications in a safe, comfortable, and immersive atmosphere.

Camps are perfect for kids aged 7-12 and provide your kids with lots of social interaction and hosts the perfect mixture of fun, education and gaming.

 Your kids will be immersed in a variety of subjects from space and our solar system to history, biology, science, and so much more.

Friendly Staff 

No, lunch is not included. But we do have an add on package ($50) if you would like to include lunch for your kid. We provide the menu for your selection prior to the start of your week. 

Advanced Tech

Our advanced virtual reality technology provides an immersive companion to summer camp education, offering curated game and content selections tailored to enhance learning and engagement. Explore new worlds, historical simulations, and interactive experiences designed to spark curiosity and creativity in campers .

Our friendly staff is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment at our summer camp, with a remarkable 4 to 1 kid ratio guaranteeing personalized attention and care. Known for their patience and kindness, our team ensures that every camper feels supported and valued throughout their experience. Additionally, we uphold a no-bullying policy, which each camper acknowledges, fostering a safe and inclusive atmosphere for all.

If you’d like more information about our camp, get in touch today.

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