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Virtual Reality Events

 Party Packages

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 Mix Game Play for 5 Players:

  • Free Roam VR Experience

    • 3 Games (approx. 45. mins)  

  • Party Area for 1 Hour 

    • Party area time starts 30 mins into reservation.


Total Party Time: 1.5 Hours

  • 1 Large *Pizza + Drinks (approx. 2 slices per player)

    • Includes: Plates, Utensils, and Cups

Note: 1  Hour VR experience is inclusive of  safety video and suit up time.  Please note that reservation starts promptly. 



  • 1 HOUR VR Experience

    • Up to 13 players (9 VR Devices)

  • Entire party area for 2 Hours:

    •  Up to 20 guests

  • Private Arcade Lounge Room 

 Total Party Time: 2 Hours

  • 2 Large Pizza's + Drinks (approx. 2 slices per player)

    • Includes: Plates, Utensils, and Cups

  • Additional Party Items:

    •  13 Party Favors & BOGO coupon 

    • Party invitation Template

Note: Players will switch between VR experiences. Each player will get around 30 mins of  VR play.  If the group total falls below 13, players will get more time in each experience.







​​Everything in the


  • Additional:

    • 1 More Hour of VR Fun

      • Total of 2 Hours of VR​

    • +2 Players (15 Total)

    • 1 Additional Pizza

    • + 1 Hr Arcade Lounge Room

      • Nintendo Switch and Arcade games 


 Total Party Time: 3 Hours

  • Platinum package accommodates up to 15 VR Players. All Players will switch between 2 VR experiences within the 2 hours of game play. 


*Pizzas are from local pizza location and location can vary. Option to replace with sandwiches from Canessa's. 
Add-ons also available including gluten-free options at additional cost.

Experience the ultimate thrill of celebration like never before at Odyssey Lounge 

Get ready to dive into an electrifying world of joy and excitement, where Birthday Parties and Corporate events are transformed into unforgettable, heart-pounding Experiences!

Make your next party a reality with just a few clicks.
We’ll bring the food, serve the drinks and even clean up afterward. All you need to do is Book Now and invite the lucky guests.
Once you book we will have a party planner reach out to confirm your choices.

It's Party Time ... Maximum Fun ... Minimum Effort 

Corporate FUN!!

Discover a corporate party experience that goes beyond the ordinary and ventures into the extraordinary - introducing Odyssey Lounge, where innovation meets celebration!

Indulge in a selection of gourmet delights from our esteemed partners, specially curated to tantalize your taste buds. Alternatively, bring your own favorite food and beverages to make the event even more personalized. Our party-specific areas will add an extra layer of charm to your celebration, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Odyssey Lounge is not just a venue; it's an experience that will leave a lasting impression on your team. This is the perfect opportunity for your team to bond, recharge, and be inspired to achieve greatness together.

Contact us to Book!

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